Who is embodiyou?

The embodiyou vision:

embodiyou is a compassionate online community where you can learn, practice, heal and connect.

Show up for yourself, show up for others, and watch how you transform.

We offer live, daily classes, community gatherings, study groups and regular hangout sessions that support you in feeling more like your happiest, most peaceful, least stressed out self.

embodiyou envisions a culture of compassion, where our joy is easily accessed and our suffering is met with nonjudgmental support, kindness and connection.

You’ll get out what you put in: the embodiyou practices work if you keep returning to them each day and week. 

We are authentic, peaceful, responsible and loving. We feel better, together.


embodiyou was conceived shortly after the presidential election of 2016, the moment a divisive political climate was revealed more fully for the first time.

The science of how this kind of trauma affects the nervous system and our ability to emotionally regulate ourselves is more widely known than ever, and more and more ancient practices have been verified by current research to make a difference in our wellbeing.

Since that time, the problems of a divided and divisive culture have only worsened, and loneliness statistics have been on the rise as our use of technology has created more separation, isolation and suffering.

embodiyou was born out of an identified need to positively affect culture, to reconnect us to our spirits, and to heal through connection with that spirit and with one another.

In recent years, our collective understanding of how common some forms of trauma truly are (70% of all Americans have at least one ACE – Adverse Childhood Experience) has grown.