Wolf Moon Eduardo

Wolf Moon Eduardo (Ed Kosicki) is a 30year, deeply experienced reader of tarot, runs and fires. Popular throughout New England, Wolf has an extensive national and worldwide network of dedicated clients for whom he gives regular readings. He is a natural gatherer of communities.

His statement: “I do what it takes. Sometimes reading from several decks at once is what it takes to help my clients gain the clarity they need or to help them rectify a situation. They feel seen and heard, understood without judgment and no sugar-coating.” Howl at the Wolf and he will howl back! All good things!

Current Classes:

Community Tarot

Working as a lone Wolf or with his collaborating readers, Wolf Moon is hosting community tarot readings once a month on the First Thursday, 7:30pm Eastern.  Your question will either be answered directly or through hearing the responses to another’s question. Join the community and discover how connected we truly are!