Jenn Thomas

Jenn Thomas has long had a passion for unearthing what lies beneath the surface and uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter. Whether you take her dynamic yang or her more reflective yin classes, her clear and tenderhearted encouragement will help you explore the patterns and habits of your own life with more insight. Jenn has been practicing and studying yoga for over 30 years. She received her 200hour certification in RI with Tom Gillette, became a leader for Off the Mat/Into the World with Seane Corn, and has studied & practiced with Sarah Powers’ Insight Yoga Institute, a graduatelevel training with many western master teachers in Buddhist Psychology for the past decade.

Jenn continues to be influenced by her ongoing work with her core teacher Jennifer Welwood as well as her continuing study of the intersection of IFS Therapy, Unconditional Presence & Mindfulness practices. As well, Jenn is committed to Community service, education & leadership in developing avenues to extend and make these wisdom traditions/teachings accessible for all population. Adding to the mix Jenn is a longtime artist and teacher (painting and glass), a twotime small business owner, and a spiritual life coach. She is developing and deepening practices that integrate yoga, Buddhism, Taoist Philosophy, 5 Element Theory and spiritual psychology. In yoga class, Jenn invites a strong awareness of being, present moment connection, as well as deep attention to the body and its needs. All Practice, both stillness or movement oriented ignites prana, balances yin and yang energies, and may bring forth the stillness and joy within. Jenn’s way of weaving language and poetry into the fabric of each class draws us into the heart of who we truly are and the beauty of being alive.

Current Classes:

TaoLab (Yin SelfInquiry)

Join Jenn Thomas and create space for expanding into deeper consciousness and divine being with the wisdom of the ancients as applied and understood in the context of 2020 realities. Each week, explore one of the 81 verses from the Tao through meditation, discussion, Yin yoga, journaling, and gentle movement. Jenn draws upon her deeper experience with and relationship to the Tao to support you in more fully embodying an understanding of this foundational text.