Emily Bromberg

Emily Bromberg is a dedicated performing artist who believes in the importance of all of her work being an expression of her truest self. She has been dancing professionally since 2002 and is currently a Principal Soloist with Miami City Ballet. She also received her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Rhode Island College in 2006. 

Emily is always fine tuning her technique from year to yearas ballet is a profession that encourages reaching for perfection 100% of the time. After years of searching, studying and seeking within, she came to find that working from the inside out is the way to go. She invites you to answer these questions: When you decide to dance at a party, what moves you? Your heart, your soul? Your mind, your gut? For Emily, she has found that the best way to move is spiritually and physically from the inside through to the outside, and she shares this knowledge with her ballet students.

Emily has taught master ballet classes all over the globe and loves working with beginners and professionals alike. As an experienced ballet teacher, she shares her insight that the act of allowing yourself to expand even longer than your toes and fingertips think they can go brings motivation and joy.

Current Classes:

EmJoy Ballet Conditioning

Created for nondancers and former dancers, EmJoy Ballet Conditioning giveyou a way to access ballet the way a trained professional dancer would (hint: dancers love class and crave it!)Rather than a workout, this class is geared for you to work from the inside out. In her conditioning class, Emily guideand coaches you through a series of movements that allow you to feel the joy of connecting mind and body together as one.