Class Descriptions

Balanced Breath, Brain & Body (Trauma-Informed Yoga)

Melissa Clark

Melissa shares pranayama practice, neuroscience nuggets and gentle vinyasa flow to begin your day in agrounded, purposeful way. This yoga class is taught by a traumainformed yoga instructor and is designed to support you in strengthening your nervoussystem regulation skills from week to week.

Breathe, Stretch & Connect (Holistic Yoga)

Mary Hammerstein

Connect with yourself and others during this holistic yoga experience. Akhanda Yoga emphasizes the importance of a practice beyond just the poses. In addition to a deeply nurturing gentle sequence, we will be contemplating yogic philosophy, chanting mantra, breathing deeply, and participating in group meditation and optional sharingCome relax and support one another with this unique experience. 

Open to all abilities and levels. No experience necessary.

Community Tarot

Wolf Moon Eduardo

Working as a lone Wolf or with his collaborating readers, Wolf Moon is hosting community tarot readings twice per month (the second and fourth Thursday at 7pm Eastern). Your question will either be answered directly or through hearing the responses to another’s question. Join the community and discover how connected we truly are!

Deep Reset (Yoga for Rest, Recovery, and Self-Healing)

Claudia Rowland

Settle yourself fully and reconnect to your healing self in this gentle, restorative yoga class. Move slowly, with longheld, restful poses designed to replenish your energy reserves and provide relief from discomfort and pain.

EmJoy Ballet Conditioning

Emily Bromberg

Created for nondancers and former dancers, EmJoy Ballet Conditioning giveyou a way to access ballet the way a trained professional dancer would (hint: dancers love class and crave it!)Rather than a workout, this class is geared for you to work from the inside out. In her conditioning class, Emily guideand coaches you through a series of movements that allow you to feel the joy of connecting mind and body together as one.

Experience Divine Presence Meditation

Anita Bennett

Experience the Divine PresenceMeditation Class. A 50minute guided meditation that will help participants connect to their inner center of peace and harmony. We will practice sacred breathe work and visualization while allowing our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies to align with abundant wellbeing. Each session will liberate the soul of stress, anxiety, fear and grief to make space for the more sovereign energies of love, joy and appreciation.

Friday Night Check-in: Support for Emotional Wellness

Rebecca Polan

Gather and share how your week has been, ask for what you need, and give and receive support to others on their healing journey. This gathering is an informal group check-in guided by a therapist or healing coach.

Kerstin Zettmar

Guided Trance Sessionfor total relaxation and peace of mind.

Kerstin guides you into a light trance journey as you are seated or laying down in a comfortable positionStudies in Psychoneuroimmunology show that the images we generate in our own minds have a profound effect on our nervous system and our immune system.Be filled with positive affirmations and descriptions of peaceful and beautiful, timeless landscapes.

Metta Monday

Rebecca Polan

Start your week off right with a teaching for the week and a short meditation. Accessed through the embodiyou Facebook group Co-Regulation Nation, hear healing coach and embodiyou creator Rebecca Polan’s thoughts for the week, and sit for a short (10ish) minute meditation. The meditation recording can be returned to all week for continued practice.

Sacred Saturday Nights

Take a dive with us into philosophy that we can live with and apply in our daily lives. Join Kim Cipolla and Rebecca Polan (and the occasional guest teacher) as we dive into the Yogic and Buddhist texts and connect, discuss and meditate together.

Somatic Connection

Kate Hawley

Move into deeper selfknowing by accessing your innate, embodied wisdom in this yoga class taught by Kate Hawley, a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist. Using slow, intentional movement, Kate supports you ientering the present moment with compassion and awareness that connects you with your most healed and healing self.

Enjoy relaxed connection and an informal meditation cohosted by embodiyou teachers Emily Bromberg and Rebecca Polan. Emily and Rebecca share their sisterly connection and invite everyone into the family for an hour at noon each Sunday. Enter a space where you have permission to get real without judgment and 100% support, sit in a powerful community meditation (20 minutes-ish), and discuss anything that arises.

Jenn Thomas

Wind down from your week and expand into deeper consciousness in a nourishing class that integrates Tao philosophy with a deeply restorative Yoga Nidra practice. A skilled and experienced Yoga teacher and student of the Tao, Jenn Thomas supports you in connecting with and embodying the wisdom of the ancients as applied and understood in the context of 2020 realities. Explore some of the 81 verses from the Tao through a special guided Yoga Nidra meditation (Yoga Nidra is called “the Yoga of sleep”) that provides deep, expansive rest that supports body-mind-spirit integration.

Yin Yoga and Self-Massage

Rabia Jamal

Connect with your body and mind in this integrative class that incorporates Yin Yoga, self-massage, reflexology and other muscular relaxation techniques. With regular practice gain awareness of your most whole self, uncover the layers of healing within you and find your deepest, most natural state.