Kerstin Zettmar

Kerstin Zettmar is an artist, healer and teacher born and raised in Sweden and based in Newport, RI since 1982. In 1990 she founded MIRA Holistic Services as a container for various complementary health modalities. Kerstin (pronounced “Shestin”) has extensive training in an array of healing and movement modalities, including Massage Therapy, Rosen Method Body/ Sould work, Past Life Regressions, Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Expressive Art and various workshops and lectures. She is also a fine artist who works with paint and fiber as well as other materials that inspire her.

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Guided Visualization for Relaxation and Wellbeing

Kerstin guides you into a light trance journey as you are seated or laying down in a comfortable positionStudies in Psychoneuroimmunology show that the images we generate in our own minds have a profound effect on our nervous system and our immune system. Be filled with positive affirmations and descriptions of peaceful and beautiful, timeless landscapes.